What Is Versa Rock ?

What Is Versa Rock? Natural, Beautiful, Versatile Stone. When We Say Versatile, We Mean It, We Even Put It In The Name. Whether Used Inside The Home Or Out, Wet Or Dry Locations. Use It For Flooring, Walls And Even Ceiling Applications. You Will Not Find A Real Stone Product That Is This Easy To Install. We Took The Beauty Of Real Slate And Quartz And Combined It With The Ease Of Laminate.

No Specialty Equipment, No Heavy Labor, No Compromise For Your Vision. Versa Rock Is So Easy To Handle And Install, You No Longer Need The Mess, Man Power And Time Typically Needed For Stone Installation. This Is The Perfect Product For Contractors And The Diy Weekend Builder.

Imagine Being Able To Have Real Stone Cut, Installed And Sealed In A Matter Of Minutes With Minimal Waste And No Limit On Use. That Is What Versa Rock Is All About.

Why Versa Rock For Stone Veneer?

Versa Rock is a stone veneer that can be applied to many different indoor and outdoor surfaces. It is light weight and flexible allowing it to be used in many applications including vertical and horizontal surfaces not previously considered for stone due to weight and or flaking issues.

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Versa Rock is perfect for wall applications, furniture, millwork, lighting, column cladding and numerous other interior and exterior applications.

The use of metal shears is recommended for cutting Versa Rock. However, standard carbide or diamond saw blades would work just as well.

Versa Rock is a natural stone veneer laminated to a fiberglass substrate..

The stone surface of Versa Rock, like most stone elements, acts as a UV inhibitor and will resist high sun conditions for years. When adhered to a substrate, Versa Rock will handle thermal contraction and or expansion of most standard construction materials. Versa Rock will handle both high temperatures and freezing without cracking.

Versa Rock can be applied to MDF, Foam board, melamine, concrete, brick, block, drwall, plywood, acrylic and other plastic sheeting.

Since it is a natural stone veneer, color and texture variances are not defects within the material, but are inherent to it and part of the natural beauty of quarried materials. Versa Rock cannot be guaranteed to match piece to piece, so it is recommended that orders take into account for future maintenance or repairs and replacement.

Versa Rock can be bent in the same manner as plastic laminate products. The fiberglass strand used in the manufacture of Versa Rock gives it strength and flexibility. Versa Rock can be bent inward, or arched outward, depending on the desired need. Versa Rock can be bent or flexed to a radius of 18" along the 4' length. The 2' width will also have a slight flex to it, but is not recommended for bending. Due to the nature of the different thickness of the individual items, the degree of radius varies per item. We recommend testing the flex of the considered item prior to final installation.

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VERSA ROCK offers the largest selection of premium, high-quality, flexible stone veneer in the country. Our products are suitable for both interior and exterior applications, for all commercial and residential projects.